35 minutes

​The shoulders, neck and head are important energy centers in your body.  If you are stressed, tensions tend to accumulate there and show up as stiff neck and shoulders, eyestrain and even hair loss.  Indian Head Massage helps to loosen blockages and relieve these tensions.

  • The client's upper arms, upper back, shoulders, neck, head, face and ears are massaged 

  • This increases the blood and lymphatic circulations, improving oxygen/nutrient supply and toxin removal

  • Relaxes tense, congested, tight and knotted muscles 

  • Focuses, especially, on the tender reflex areas under the hair

  • Helps to clear away mental tiredness, anxiety and stress

  • Wear or bring a long-sleeved, collarless t-shirt

  • Plan to arrive not more than 5-7 minutes early

  • This is a fragrance-free and smoke-free environment